Did you know that rice originated in Japan, approximately 7,000 years ago?

We are talking about one of the most produced and consumed foods in the world.


You can count on Maitec to help you innovate the production lines in your facilities, or simply to optimize and maintain the existing system. In this type of industry, it is essential to keep the process yield at maximum, without letting down the quality of production. The final product has to guarantee the essential properties and it is this whole process that guarantees it to be the choice of the market.


We are also ready to collaborate with you in the fight against food waste, which continues to persecute the main food production industries. We have solutions for the different stages of the process, from the reception and storage of the raw material to the transport and dispatch of the final product. It is a commitment of all of us.


At the end of this page you will find examples of solutions that we have already applied in your Industry, or in a neighboring Industry.


Practical solutions to facilitate the reception of raw materials at your premises.
Eg: Tegões, Hopons, etc.


Transport systems are needed throughout the process.
Ex .: Elevators, Senfins, etc.


Several solutions for storage of materials in your facilities.
Ex .: Deposit, Silos, etc.

Dedusting and Filtering

They are essential for the removal of dust and other pollutants derived from the process.
Ex .: Fans, Silencers, etc.

Separation and Cleaning

Mechanisms for cleaning and separating different materials.
Ex .: Sieves, Tararas, etc.

Dosing and Weighing

Dosing and weighing systems can be applied at different stages of the process.
Ex .: Scales, Dosers, etc.


Equipment for mixing different materials.
Ex .: Continuous, Paddle Mixers, etc.

Packaging and Shipping

Efficient and cost-effective solutions for shipping the final product.
Ex .: Est. Cargo Big Bags, Packers, etc.

Dedusting and Particle Separation System

Dedusting and Particle Separation System

Big Bag Unloading Station with Weighing System
Particle Separation System
Silar Blocks with Conveyor Belt
Cooling Systems
BigBags Unload Station with Mixer and Weighing System (TROFA)

Big Bag Unloading Station with Mixer and Weighing System

Weighing System Mixer