Did you know that about 30% of the world’s food is wasted between harvest and your fork?

Our grain transport and storage solutions can help you to combat this. We know the entire production cycle and what it encompasses. Much of the process involved in the transformation of the grain takes place in equipment such as the one we developed.


We have adequate solutions for different types of investments, for each stage of the transformation.


At the end of this page you will find examples of solutions that we have already applied in your Industry, or in a neighboring Industry.


Practical solutions to facilitate the reception of raw materials at your premises.
Eg: Tegões, Hopons, etc.


Transport systems are needed throughout the process.
Ex .: Elevators, Senfins, etc.


Several solutions for storage of materials in your facilities.
Ex .: Deposit, Silos, etc.

Dedusting and Filtering

They are essential for the removal of dust and other pollutants derived from the process.
Ex .: Fans, Silencers, etc.

Separation and Cleaning

Mechanisms for cleaning and separating different materials.
Ex .: Sieves, Tararas, etc.

Dosing and Weighing

Dosing and weighing systems can be applied at different stages of the process.
Ex .: Scales, Dosers, etc.


Equipment for mixing different materials.
Ex .: Continuous, Paddle Mixers, etc.

Packaging and Shipping

Efficient and cost-effective solutions for shipping the final product.
Ex .: Est. Cargo Big Bags, Packers, etc.

Dedusting and Particle Separation System

Dedusting and Particle Separation System

Big Bag Unloading Station with Weighing System
Particle Separation System
Silar Blocks with Conveyor Belt
Cooling Systems
BigBags Unload Station with Mixer and Weighing System (TROFA)

Big Bag Unloading Station with Mixer and Weighing System

Weighing System Mixer